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About Outdoorsmen Helping Others
Outdoorsmen Helping Others, Inc. (OHO) is founded on the principle that anyone, regardless of physical capability, should have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for physically challenged youth and young adults to enjoy the outdoors and share the camaraderie of sport hunting and fishing. Outdoorsmen Helping Others, Inc. funds and arranges hunting and fishing trips with the use of adaptive equipment for physically challenged youth and young adults throughout Louisiana.


OHO volunteers donate their time and effort to increase public awareness of OHO’s programs and to raise funds for its charitable activities.

OHO solicits donations of hunting, fishing and boating trips from charter-boat captains, landowners, and hunting-lodge operators. The organization pays any additional transportation, food, and lodging expenses involved in sending the physically-challenged individual and their families or attendants to the sites of the donated outings. OHO also provides any adaptive equipment necessary for a successful hunting or fishing trip. To underwrite the costs of the outdoor experiences that OHO arranges, volunteers participate year-round in OHO’s fundraising efforts.

To make OHO’s mission known throughout the outdoors community and to identify mobility-impaired young people who may be interested in OHO’s outings, OHO members volunteer at other outdoor programs with outreach to physically challenged sportsmen. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with OHO, please CONTACT US.


To generate revenue to support its charitable activities, OHO hosts an annual sportsmen’s banquet each fall. OHO’s banquet raises funds through ticket sales for dinners served at the event and from the proceeds of raffles and live and silent auctions of donated items.

OHO also raises funds throughout the year at other outdoor events. OHO obtains exhibit space at one or more of the annual sportsmen’s shows held in the area each spring. OHO members sell tickets for a drawing to win a special item of outdoor gear on the final day of the exhibition and provide information about its programs and mission to interested outdoorsmen and their families. Additionally, OHO participates and partners with other organizations in an effort to continually generate funds. If you are interested in helping OHO to plan a fundraiser, please CONTACT US.